RCA Invest B.V. welcomes you to our side. RCA Invest is an investment company involved in many national and international projects in which our company facilitates the funding. we also have the capacity to make your money grow there were it is idle.

We are proud to present several funds who are all regulated either by ECB and FED or by one of the European Central Banks. These funds are willing to finance either projects or focussed to introduce to you the individual growth of your wealth in a safe and transparant manner.

Since the financial structures we are allowed to represent are highly exclusive we shall in the pages which detail our website inform you of some of the projects we strive for.

On any and all of these projects RCA Invest will at all times safeguard the principle that any project which is facilitated by us will contribute on maturing the social, environmental or welfare aspects of our society or you.

On these three aspects we will in the pages forming this website introduce you in our world by means of an example of the projects we endorse and support.


How utopia is reached?

We believe the progress of our technical expertise as human beings has by far out reached the option of not how to reach utopia but merely comes back to the question on whether we will be ready to accept utopia.

We think this way of changing our mindset is of the greatest importance to contribute to a healthier, longer and by far the most important, more happy live in which not only working but also the world of sports will be a major factor in achieving these aforesaid goals.

On this we are striving for the chances which have been offered to us by means whereof we as intermediary are able to contribute in achieving a new lifestyle in which the strain and stress of work will be changed for positivity, togetherness and joy.

Now therefore one of the projects we are proudly involved in is Transportium. This multifunctional centre of sports totally functioning on green energy, is by far the platform to create the basis of a new way of live and thinking in which utopia is found by way of movement, a contribution to health and last but not least happiness by means of sharing and being a part of a world of society and positivity.

For further information: transportium.nl

How green can we grow

We believe that the world is in need for a change.

On this we have seen that many steps are set but that many of these steps only mature in words.

We are convinced that by contributing these words in to real actions this will support the chain of energy around the globe which is already in motion.

On this we do not ask ourselves the question of the necessity on investing in green energy projects but mostly on the question how our contribution to a greener plant will create a better more sustainable live for any and all of us.

It is for this reason that we are involved in many projects which we have defined as green and for that reason we serve a project that is allocated by us in maturing an indefinite way by means of the force of our financial structure combined with the talents which represent these projects.

On this and only as an example we are involved in a so called Bio Degrader which is aiming for being the largest in Europe and will therefore be the producer of a substantial amount of bio gas which can be used in many ways and forms for example in cooking but also in trafic transportation.

For further information: biorights.nl

Welfare as an aim or as a need?

With our principles we have the aim to strive for a better more social world. This since we are convinced that with a world in which kindness rules welfare will be of a much higher level.

We believe that with a higher level of welfare the aspects of hardship and negativity which form the main basis for sickness and hardship, will diminish and thereby the cost consuming consequences for example on our health care systems will decrease.

Therefore we regard the aspect of welfare in all our projects as a main factor to allocate funding.

In fact and therefore the aspect of welfare is to be in all the projects we participate in.

Therefore referring to an example is in fact referring to all the projects in which we are involved. Like for example the Hotel and Leisure Industry in which we are proud to play a prominent role in allocating those parties to be owners who endorse the principle of using their talent and wealth in contributing to more welfare. 

With the programs presented on this website kindly note that we only offer so called “tailormade programs” which are organised on a personal level and client basis in which the specifc needs and demands of each client are met.

Based on this we are not obliged and therefore do not have a permit/licence from the Authority of the Dutch Financial Markets according to article 55 of the dutch laws ("Wet Financieel Toezicht”).

Further it must be emphasized that any guarantee issued on this website is based on the history and that guarantees regarding the future can not be given since each and every project bears always a certain risk, which is clarified for each project specifically.